Angus ; The Head Wetting

On Friday night we officially wet Angus’ head at home. A bevy of friends and their kids turned up and we put on a sausage sizzle, some nice Australian reds and a crate of beer. Grace looked resplendent in the party dress I bought back from Thailand which she was wearing for the first time and Angus was….well….mostly oblivious ! As kids ran back and forth, the adults imbibed and it was a lovely affair. Paul and I then decided it would be a good idea to go out so we stumbled off to Pontoon which was going nuts and around 3am I finally called it a night.

The head is wetted

Grace all dolled up

Lovely Ladies

Andrew and his new friend

What's a head wetting without Cuban cigars ?

The spread

Mr Motocross Olly

Adults table

More lovely ladies

This is how things started looking at the end of the night..

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3 Responses to Angus ; The Head Wetting

  1. Felgerkarb says:

    Happy Day! Looked like a blast for all you family types. 😉 Missed you at Pontoon, I was there too until well damn 5am! Ah, the hazards of life in Cambodia.

  2. gavinmac says:

    Lone Star girl!

    Can you delete my masturbation-related post above? That wasn’t really me. Don’t be mean.

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