18 holes

Ancient holes

Got a a phone call from the boss mid-morning last Friday requesting my presence on the Golf Course that afternoon. Who am I to argue. The sun was shining , there was a nice breeze and I was on a high having had my son arrive earlier in the week. We jumped into the Land Rover and were out at the course 30 minutes later. With a box full of cold Heineken and Tiger cans in tow and a golf cart and caddy each , we decided  to play Ambrose rules to make it more enjoyable.

You caddy awaits...

Having not played for about 6 years I was a bit nervous how the first shot would be but luckily my 5 wood connected with the sweet spot and *PING* the ball flew relatively straight down the course. It took me a whole to get used to having a caddy who was 3 steps ahead of my every move with club selection, ball cleaning,beer popping and cart driving when needed. Just amazing. We all played quite good golf on the day with Rob proving himself a real John Daly with the driver and Brett being Mr Reliable. My forte was saving some pars with last-minute superb putting skills. The course was nice and green and quiet and it was just a very nice way to spend the afternoon. Cost for 18 holes, club hire, cart and $10 tip to the caddy ? $70.

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