Angus ; First Photos

Almost ready to go and bigger than Ben Hur

Angus J M Garnett

30 mins old

Mother and son

Porbably the proudest day of my life ; having my TWO kids on my lap for the first time. EPIC !!

Finally - another boy to even out the insane amounts of women in my extended family !!

Grace and her little brother Angus


One VERY proud father

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4 Responses to Angus ; First Photos

  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations mr. Garnett! All the best to you family and happy new year!

  2. gavinmac says:

    I hear that many Cambodian female in-laws are very interested in a certain body part of baby boys. I hear that they like to comment on it and occasionally tug at it for amusement.Given Angus is your son and if he takes after you…the comments will probably be very flattering.

  3. Too much information there old boy……….

  4. Anthony Owen says:

    Congrats guys, this is awesome news. I trust Leakhena is well and Angus is doing well. I will have a beer for you

    Ant, Megs and Sienna

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