Angelina Jolretardie


Just in case she forgets.....


Angelina Jolie sent gossips into overdrive on Tuesday when photos of the actress carrying out her United Nations ambassador duties in Tunisia left them convinced she’d secretly adopted a fourth child.Scrutiny of the tattoos on her left arm, which bear the global co-ordinates of the birthplaces of her six children, revealed a seventh line has been added in recent weeks.

I mean seriously….she is/was hot but WTF !! – global co-ordinates as a tattoo ? Luckily she is so rich she can do whatever the hell she wants without having to worry about my disdain but I find this woman, her husband and their desire to create a global ad campaign just seriously fucking weird.


The Brangelina crwe all grown up circa 2022



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1 Response to Angelina Jolretardie

  1. Dave says:

    She should get two more. On her back – “Don’t tell her all the shit I wrote back here; she thinks it’s an angel riding a unicorn.”

    On her foot – “If found, please drop in nearest mailbox. Postage guaranteed.” HAH!


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