Total Motorcross 2011

Yesterday was nice and cool with a good cloud cover so I took the family over the Japanese bridge and out to the motor-cross track to watch the 2011 Total MX Championships. Last time I was over there it was 2007 or so and back then the dirt road out there was potholed and washed out and the track was out in the middle of a lake . In the wet season it was nowhere to be seen and in the dry season it came out to play. On arrival there yesterday it could not have been more different. The road is now concreted and there are shop house developments springing up on the edge of the lake on what is clearly reclaimed land. God knows who is going to live out there.

Air time

Air Time too

So we parked the car and as I got out with Karma on lead I was immediately accosted by several mongrel Khmer dogs. I love dogs but I hate Khmer mongrels. They have all the manners and training of a Romani gypsy. As I held Karma tight ( I do believe she is going to turn into a fine anti-mongreller when she is full size) I dispatched the pack with several handfuls of well hurled gravel and they were last seen retreating to their bunker to lick wounds and re-assess their next approach. We headed off across the sand and by the time we arrived at the track I was in dire need of a good thirst slaking.

Jostling in the berm

Jostling out of the corner

Khmer crowds were sprawled out everywhere so it was hard to get a vantage point which meant we had to walk all the way around to the opposite side of the track where we finally found a good spot in front of some jumps. Karma ensured the seas parted and while Leakhana and I watched the bikes go round and round, the girls played over on the sand flats.They ran around and around and around and then Karma joined them and it was a chase-fest.

Beach sprints

Karma out of the blocks and ............


..about to take out Grace ! Run Gracie RUN !!
My little desert star.

After a couple of hours my shoes were full of sand and my plumbers crack was sweaty so I rallied the troops and headed back to the car. This time….the mongrels were merely yapping from a distance…..

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