(Almost) a death in the family.

It’s a very sad day today. I know there are bigger things happening in the world but ours has been shattered. Last night I got woken up by Grace jumping on me as she came to bed at a rather late time. Closely following was an ashen faced wife. In a diminutive voice Leakhana announces “Darling…….Sarouen just told she wants to stop working for us…”. Well that woke me up pronto. Readers might remember we hired Sarouen in January and thought our dreams and prayers had been answered. To date she has been perfect. A self-started, Sarouen looked after the house effortlessly and professionally.  She got on very well with ( but respected ) Leakhana, shared meals with us and most importantly…..Grace adores her. I asked Leakhana what the reasons could possibly be for her leaving and Leakhana told me that they had just finished a big talk during which my wife asked her all sorts of questions designed to bring out the reason. Apparently, her family is building a house in Phnom Penh ( funded by her Uncle ) and her uncle wants her to stay on-site and “look after” the workers . WHAT THE FUCK ? I asked how long until the house is finished and apparently it will be done in 3 months. Well…I am sorry but no-one leaves a cushy, well paid long term job with an easy going employer because family tells them to – and certainly not for a few months. Something just doesn’t ring true.

I rather fear that some scumbag ex -employer has finally got to her as per this posting….

So tonight I am going to calmly sit Sareoun down and ask her the real reasons and then I am going to give her a few tips on life, commitment, telling the truth and the concept of treason. It’s not so much the fact that we have lost a good housekeeper that bothers me as there will be others although with our boy due in a month the timing is terrible. I am more worried about Grace and how she will adapt to yet another person coming in to her life…

Stay tuned for a story on “Household Help V3.0”

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2 Responses to (Almost) a death in the family.

  1. gavinmac says:

    Don’t be a selfish prick. Let the girl go. She tried working for you. She has decided she would rather work for someone else. She doesn’t need to give you any more of a reason than that. If you want to keep her, don’t sit her down and lecture her and try to intimidate her into staying. Just offer her more money if you think she’s worth it. If not, let her go. YADDA YADDA BLAH BLAH

    • Er…..I was half joking GM. I cannot make her stay and no….I am not offering her any more money as she gets paid well already. Fact of the matter is she is very happy here,we set her up with everything she needs, she is not working that hard and has it EXTREMELY easy and she is now leaving after 2 months due to family pressures which as you know here in Cambodia can be overpowering. It took us a long time to find someone suitable, Grace loves her and Leakhana is due in 3 weeks. She has given us 4 days notice. If you think I would do the same to any of my 120++ employees you are sadly mistaken. I have told her she is welcome back when the house is finished – on 30% less money 😉
      ( jokin……) . I just wish she had the balls to stand up and say NO to her family.

      Unfortunately commonsense or courtesy cannot be taught……….

      Oh…..and she LURVES the tat.

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