Pot calling kettle…come in kettle.

Schnozzer and Horsey Jnr

Princess Anne has asked her future son-in-law, English rugby captain Mike Tindall, to consider a nose job to straighten his snoz before his royal wedding later in the year.The 32-year-old union ace, who will marry Zara Phillips in July, has had his nose broken eight times during his 12-year professional career which has left his hooter with an obvious crookedness. “Princess Anne has asked me if I’d have the surgery. She’s a bit worried about how the wedding photos might turn out!” Sunday’s News of the World newspaper reported Tindall as saying. Source ; Sydney Morning Herald


I can only assume Princess Anne made this request in an off the cuff aside whilst eating cucumber sandwiches one afternoon and it is simply being reported here by Mike as a ” ha ha ho ho this is what she said…..” type moment . I wonder if Princess Anne’s future mother in law,Princess Alice of Greece, asked her if she would have plastic surgery to fix her incredibly equus-like mug prior to her marrying Prince Noddy ?

If I was Mike…..I’d be like ” Excuse me m’am but I have handled more balls and been capped more times than you ever were and your daughter likes it rough so shove orf ”



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