Vinni Paz ; A messiah ?

Vinnie Paz; My New Messiah ?

Long time readers of this blog will know I am a huge hip hop / rap fan. Recently I have been getting back in to Notorious BIG after a long hiatus from the god of HH but I just might have found the new messiah. Crockett Jnr tipped me into an underground indie super troupe called Jedi Mind Tricks and I torrented a collection overnight. Vinnie Paz and his outfit have been putting out music for years and are HUGE. I cannot believe I missed them. Its a bit like reading all about Egypt for years and years and never hearing of King Tut.


Don't mess with the Paz

Not only does Vinnie spit the lyrical technique, he wears Panerai and has MAD ink so what else is there tot say about the dude ?LEGEND.


Nice ink. Makes me wanna go complete the sleeve 😉


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1 Response to Vinni Paz ; A messiah ?

  1. You should go a hang out with Ash at Lazy Gecko – he is a hip-hop nut too.

    My recommendation on this front would be: Immortal Technique.

    ‘Dance with The Devil’ from the album Revolutionary Vol. 1 is a hip-hop classic and has some of the most disturbing lyrics I have ever heard.

    Wicked You Tube vid too.

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