Day trip to Wat Prasath

A few days ago the younger brother of an old friend arrived and after a hit out on Friday night that saw us end up sideways at the new Pontoon ( very good ! ) and with Leakhana going crazy with an increasingly active Grace, it was decided that yesterday we should get out of dodge and go for a drive. But where to go ? We settled on Oudong as I thought Andrew might like a bit of a view from the hill and off we went with a fully loaded truck. About half way ( an hour or so ) Leakhana announced we could actually go to Wat Prasath so we turned off the main road, skirted the lake along a rougher road and eventually ended up at a huge complex that resembled Angkor Wat. We piled out of the truck and with barely anyone else out there, had it to ourselves. Nice shady grounds and cement reproductions inside of the bas reliefs made for a leisurely walk around and afterward we rented a hut with some hammocks for 10000khr and ate delicious homemade Leakhana burgers ( still warm in their foil ) and chilled BYO Becks beer.

My little Aussie

Expansive grounds

Internal detail

That is not a real tree.

Crockett checks out the faux reliefs

This IS a real tree and one of the nicest mangoes trees I have ever seen.

Electric Nagaland

Looking up

Grace has a ball.......

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3 Responses to Day trip to Wat Prasath

  1. Dave says:

    “My son…you aren’t the first person to be seduced by the East and you won’t be the last…..” Michael Garnett”

    Looking at these pictures, I can see why he said that. I find that I am getting more and more fascinated by your country.

  2. cindy says:

    Me too. The scenery is fascinating! How can your parents stand being away from their adorable granddaughter?

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