Inked for the second time.

It’s been a hectic last 72 hours. Planes,trains, Red Shirts and new ink. Too drained to type out a story so check out the video first which tells the story and then there are some general photos following that .

In a nutshell- just a magical ,special few days.

The first design Kin did for me. I thought the head dress was more Thai in appearance and wanted a half torso. See Video.

Kin redoes the design, adding Khmer head dress etc. This time he nails it !

Second and final design being tweaked on the computer

Tools of the trade

Under the gun. I am in pain - the other guy is smiling !

The Kin and I

All done and getting cleaned up.

Close up detail of my Apsara

View from apartment

Sunrise from my bedroom balcony

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4 Responses to Inked for the second time.

  1. Sarah Garnett says:

    This one I like.

    • Sarah Garnett says:

      Reminds me of the chic we saw with the full back tatt of Apsara you remember…as the girl walked, the dancer swayed…awesome!

  2. Lucky Seven says:

    Sunrise from the bedroom balcony , must have been a big night out ! Re the tattoo how much this fine work in BKK ?

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