Steven Tyler ; Amazing.

I have never hidden the fact I am an American Idol tragic. I think I have seen every season since it began and its a ritual in our house as Leakhana loves it too. There is something just so addictive about it. When it was announced Simon “bumpart” Cowell and Paula “mad as a hatful of snakes” Abdul were leaving, I thought it was the end of the show. I loved nothing more than seeing Simon bury a young hopeful with his no-nonsense and often acidic tongue whilst his co-judges watched on horrified. Plus he drives a Bugatti.He is a legend in my books. And Paula….well when she is off the meds she is ok too.

J-Lo ; Her backside might BE the block, but she is great !

Well….I can report AI is alive and well thanks to the brilliant casting of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as the new judges alongside long termer Randy Jackson. Steven Tyler is a god and Aerosmith…well….what can I say ? If you are not a fan…..stop reading and piss off right now. Tyler is flamboyant,eccentric,passionate and brings a whole new vibe to the show. Last night he got up on stage and belted out a drum solo and announced three kids would be going through before adjusting his spectacles and re-reading the results and simply saying ” oops …sorry….only two of you are going through ” thereby shattering one young hopeful. HAHHHAHHAHAHA.Then there is J-Lo. Until I saw her on AI i thought she was just a fabricated pop tart with a huge arse. J-Lo is …well…..lovely ! She really knows her musical stuff ( pitch,harmony blah blah ) and she is not all soppy soppy like Paula was. She can be delightfully empathetic with one hopeful and then  ” no…sorry….you suck” with the next ! I have completely re-engineered my view of J-Lo.

Randy Jackson ; Yo Dog...I got mad love for you but LIFT YOUR GAME

Possibly the weakest link now *gasp* is Randy Jackson. I have always been  a huge Randy fan. His classic catchphrases like “yo yo yo lissen upppppp” and ” say whhhhhatttt ??” doesn’t sound stupid coming out if his mouth and he is a genuine music dude. He has style and charisma BUT he is now surrounded by two HUGE orbiting planets and he is no longer the force he was. I guess he is trying to see where he fits in with Tyler and J-Lo and I really hope he gets it together.

Simon Cowell ; Counting his fat stacks somewhere.....

And as for Simon Cowell. He doesn’t really give a toss. He is still making $4.6billion a second and was last seen sailing around the Bahamas on a 1.2km long super-yacht named IAMTHEGOD. I sure won;t miss that horrible bloody hair and that bumpart though…….

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