What a bitch


Why I oughta.....


Readers might remember we recently hired SuperNanny after months of trying to find someone. Imagine my surprise…nay….FURY…. when Leakhana told me a week ago that Srun had just told her her ex-employer had called her up and tried to poach her back. Out of respect for you guys I won’t drop the C Bomb but seriously……what a F*****G ****. This bitch lets Srun go because her and her husband lose their jobs and have to cut back on spending, they advertise her so she can get a job, we hire her and then a month later they have the gall to ring her and try steal her back.

Well FUCK YOU. I have just sacked all my Fillipino workers so how do you feel about that you BITCH ?

Here is the message I posted on the board where she advertised;

It would be appreciated if the member of this network who recently let their nanny go (due to being unable to pay her) and then advertised her services here so she could get a job would STOP calling her and trying to get her to leave us now your situation has changed again. The girl is happily working for us and looking after our daughter and your actions show extremely poor form and reflect very badly on you. I have not named names but by seeing mine you will know who you are. I suggest you repost asking if anyone has someone AS WE DID. Good luck.

I think you will agree it showed considerable constraint.


BTW - This photo also came up whilst i was google-imaging "bitch slap" It is included here solely for the gratuity of my male readers. HUBBA HUBBA .



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3 Responses to What a bitch

  1. Dave says:

    God bless Srun for her loyalty.

    Oughta tell them that Karma would like to have them over for lunch. 😉

  2. Gavinmac says:

    When I saw the title of this post I assumed it was going to be another “my dog is so great” post. Thanks for mixing it up a bit.

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