Karma ; Fledgling border guard

You want a piece of her ?

Last night Karma woke us up with the most intensely aggressive barking I have not only heard from her but really….from any dog since my Cattle-dog ! She was just going mental with a very loud,deep,repetitive aggressive bark. I knew instantly something was afoot and so I bolted out to the front to find her pacing away and sniffing at the front gate. This tells me it was not a cat or a rat but possibly a hand through the latch testing our padlock as she does not ever bark at people passing by. In fact she sleeps outside on the porch every night and never barks ( which is great because an easily spooked “barker” is a pain in the arse) so I was starting to wonder whether she would turn into a protective dog as not all GSDs do  and certainly it is not until 2 years +. No problems there it would seem !

She is also is continuing to amaze me with the speed at which she learns and adapts.  For the most part she is very good on a lead but like a high % of young German Shepherds she is very strong, is extremely alert and has an incredible pray drive. This can equate to pulling on the lead – not the annoying pulling where the dog pants and chokes and stands on its back legs with front paws off the ground…..just a very strong desire to be out front which in my books with my dogs has NEVER been acceptable. I expect my dogs to heal when told and walk at my side with zero tension on the leash. If Karma sees another dog she wants to play and if she sees a cat she wants to kill so I have been been drilling her with on-lead walking most afternoons. I take her out into the street on lead and walk her very short distances in a circuit around the truck and across the street and past people etc. If she puts any tension on the lead at all she gets yanked….and I do mean YANKED back into position and I then stop for 20 seconds or until she calms and then it’s “Lets Go”. Given there are a huge amount of distractions out on the street, Karma has been responding very well to this training and I have had good success in getting her to walk on-lead next to me with no pressure on the line whatsoever. I will never walk her off lead in the city as it is just traffic mayhem but with continued training, I am hoping for a calm, controlled dog.

Just a big softie until....

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11 Responses to Karma ; Fledgling border guard

  1. Dave says:

    Tab 289 teaches loose leash walking is a good training video. This guy covers a lot of subjects. Check them out! This guy is a pretty good teacher.

    That loud,deep,repetitive aggressive bark is a sign of confidence. A lot of dogs, when first starting protection training in Schutzhund, have a tendency to “squeak” at the helper until they get a few sessions under their belt.

    Karma sounds like a fantastic dog.

  2. Dave says:

    P.S. If it was somebody trying to get in, I bet he’s still running…LOL

    • Ok…we had a bit of a big event last night. I took Karma to the bar with me for Friday night drinks and as we left the house she was a little eager to get out the gate so I had to close it on her head a few times with WAIT. i noticed a coupld of blood spots and thought ” you idiot…she has hurt herself !” but could not find any signs of injury. At the bar all the boys were admiring her and getting in line for her pups and then we all noticed the spots on the cement. KARMA HAS COME OF AGE !! The boys were being very lewd about it all but she got given a freshly cooked lamb shank bone. Now of course I am paranoid at her getting knocked up so she is in lock down. However, last night I also noticed that bark came out when two dogs walked past her as she was chained up in the truck. One was a HUGE male rottweiler ( who hardly noticed she was there ) and the other was a female beagle. So….I am wondering if the barking the other night was simple her barking at a potential suitor sniffing away at the gate ?

      • Dave says:

        Probably not. Both of my bitches get clingy and can’t settle down for a few days before they go in season. When they’re “on the stroll,” they will whine and place their heads over the back of my Australian Shepherd mix (who is fixed; he just tells them to, er, “go away”). My male GSD will then step up to the plate, then it’s “keep ’em apart’ time.

        Sounds like she might be getting territorial.

  3. Dave says:

    My bitches (saying that always makes me feel like a pimp) are also complete boneheads while they’re in heat. Trying to train them is an exercise in frustration…for ME. you may have to wait three weeks before she settles back down before you can teach her anything.

    • Actually she has been VERY lethargic over the weekend and also very hungry. She sleeps all day and then wakes up, ploughs through anything I put down for her ( usually she is very picky ) and then goes back to sleep. She is very clingy too. Sleeping at my feet, head in the lap etc etc. Gotta love that…….

  4. cindy says:

    Check out Michael Ellis videos too. You can watch some of them on http://www.leerburg.com. If you sign up for their newsletter they’ll send you weekly training videos. Karma’s a gorgeous girl!

  5. cindy says:

    I saw your post about Karma sinking her teeth into a brand new web collar. I remembered seeing collars and leads made out of survival straps, they guarantee every item and they look really cool too. It’s http://www.survivalstraps.com. And if you’re ever in a tight spot you can use her collar to rappel down a cliff or something.

    • Thanks for that Cindy . I have just ordered a Tuff Collar and lead from an Australian company called Rogue Royalty. Arrives today with a mate who is coming over and not before time. I have just been to Bangkok for 4 days and Karma outgrew her collar while I was away !!

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