Fully fully FULLY SICK !

Porsche Panamera Perfection

Just about smashed my truck on the way home. I was cruising along the road when I came upon this beast parked at the kerb with some slick looking Khmer bong thom chatting away on his phone. I was staring so hard i almost ran up the back of the dude in front. I knew it was a Porsche but 4 doors ????? I had to google. I am not a Porsche lover but this thing………simply stunning.

Oh…and lunch ? A wife-made hamburger that was easily the best I have had….ever. Leakhana seasoned the patty herself and added bacon,egg,tomato,onion and mayo. MMMMM. ( Eat your heart out McGingley……)

Leakhana Burger

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2 Responses to Fully fully FULLY SICK !

  1. Goyzer says:

    showing your age there son, 4 door porsche ?? pipe and slippers with that cobber…..

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