Happy 3rd Anniversary to us.


2006 My first visit to Cambodia ( Bokor )

Today is our 3rd wedding anniversary and what a fine three years it has been. One kid on the ground and another one about to land, solid progression on the work front and a happy home life. All of this is made possible by my amazingly gorgeous wife Leakhana. She is my best friend, my sounding board, my leveler and the best mother a child could hope for. I praise the lord Buddha every day for introducing us back in April 2006 and look forward to many more years of happiness. Stay tuned for The Bangkok Chronicles 2011 as we are off on our yearly anniversary pilgrimage to eat drink and shop in a couple of weeks.



2006/07 Second visit to cambodia ( FCC )

2008 Hitched ! ( Open Wine, Phnom Penh )

Whats not to love ? I got the bonus plan.



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2 Responses to Happy 3rd Anniversary to us.

  1. gavinmac says:

    Who’s the doofus in front with the acid washed jeans? Was he a time traveller on his way to the mall in 1985?

    • HAHHAHAHHA That’s hysterical. Would you believe that is my nephew. I am sure youngsters fashion has changed again over the last few years but back then in 2008 they were all emulating the 80s again ! Can you believe that ? Jesus. Every time I saw him and his brother it was like looking into a mirror and seeing myself at 15 in 1984. They were even listening to the music. Flock of Seagulls, Morissey, Depeche Mode etc. That’s a decade that should be wiped from history.

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