Last night I was googling images for “split bamboo floors” as I really like the idea ( if we start with a basic cabin ) of using this material for the floor. With the cabin elevated up on piers and the bamboo installed with a bit of spacing, it wold allow for breezes to come up from under the house. Anyway…I stumbled across the blog of a guy who had built a traditional Philipino Nipa house and I have to say, the little cabin looks awesome.

All bamboo framework

Bamboo siding

and ....dig this.....bamboo sliding windows with bamboo track system !!

Bamboo flooring

Finished Nipa hut

So there you have it. I reckon this would be a super cheap option and if treated the right way would last ling enough to tide us over until the taj mahal was built. Unfortunately I do not think we have the local skillsets here that the pinoy bamboo builders have  so maybe I would need to human traffic a few of them over here !

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