Nice house with all the right elements

Very nice thanks

Ok…I think I have finally found the perfect house. This is the Waree Raksa Health Spa in Krabi, Thailand and I think you will agree it wold make a perfect weekender either up on stilts or down at ground level. I have been using the below skeleton photos of rectangular structures  as design foundations and playing around with window and door placements and had already come up with the long style windows with bars to prevent anyone falling out !! ( aka Grace and #2 ). I had also sketched in vents similar to the ones you can see under the roof eves of the Wara Raksa house. It has horizontal timber siding similar to the ship lap on our house in Australia ( see below ) rather than the usual vertical siding that is used here in Cambodia and I much prefer the horizontal style.

Horizontal ship-lap siding on our 1950s house in Australia

I quite like the idea of the small roof-line under the windows keeping all rain away from the bottom tiled area and seeing this house up on stilts with its nice al fresco dining area underneath does make elevating a house appealing. There is a small brick and mortar room under the Waree Raksa ( probably a WC ) which would make for a great kitchen with some small lockable roller doors instead of windows to open up 2 or 3 sides. I also like the way they have finished off / formalised the bottom space with a small white perimeter wall. This design could easily make up the basis for two tropical style dog trot cabins if we go down that path.

Skeleton on stilts

Skeleton at ground level.

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