Watch your Ps and Qs ; There is a parrot in the house.

Polly want a f**king cracker ?

Hmmmm Methinks daddy is going to have to learn to curb his language pretty darn quick !

Last night as we went to bed Karma arked up at something in the yard and I yelled out SHUT UP ! and the next thing I know Grace was telling Karma to SHUT UP !, mummy to SHUT UP ! and me to SHUT UP !

Then today I took Leakhana ( and Grace of course )  to the Doctor at lunchtime for an ultrasound and on the way we stopped at Monivong Boulevard for the lights. Just as they went green a cop on a motorbike escorting 6 huge coachloads of tourists came around the corner and the cars in front of us,despite having a clear shot at the intersection, decided to just sit still. So I of course lean on the horn and unleashed my usual ” oh fer f**k sake go on you f**king numpties !!!! “ and the next thing I know a hyped up little voice comes out of the back seat with gusto and spits ” f**king !!”. I look at Leakhana. Leakhana looks at me and we think the same thing …”did we just hear that ??” . I look back at Grace and she looks back at me and again “f**king!” with a big smile on her face. I try not to laugh or encourage her in any way and we make our way through the lights. About 2oomdown the road I have to give  wayward kid in a scooter a blast on the horn and…you guessed it…..out of the back seat again came “F**CKING !!!!”

Out of the mouths of babes……..

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4 Responses to Watch your Ps and Qs ; There is a parrot in the house.

  1. LaudJohn says:


    I am being berated by the wife to stop swearing as well, due to the little sponge starting to talk. It is going to be really hard when I am driving in Cambodia!

  2. Dave says:

    Kids say the damnedest things. My son was three years old when I took him with me to the video store. As I paid for my movies (this was in the ’90’s), my son points to the counter girl’s chest and yells out, “Look Daddy! BOOBIES!”

    Thanks, kid. 🙂

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