Weekend Nostalgia

Yesterday we took a run out to Paul and Aylin’s house to check on progress and generally chillout. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining with a nice breeze to cool things down a bit. The first thing we noticed is the huge difference in the level of the river. Last time we were out there the place was flooding and people were piling their belongings up on the side of the road in scenes similar to what is currently happening in Brisbane. At this time of the year it is a mere trickle and we were able to walk across it at knee deep.

A buillding site, a fire and a sunset. Does it get any better ?

Their house is coming along nicely and will be a fantastic 3br weekender when it is finished. All walls are up and it is now just awaiting a roof and final tiling and rendering etc. The actual site looks like a bomb went off and as I mentioned to Paul, if my brother Adam visited one of his sites and his workers left it looking like that….he would fire every single one of them. Empty cement bags and form-work with rusty nails sticking out of it was strewn from one end to the other so much to Aylin’s protestations ” my brother owns the wood blah blah ” Paul and I did what any two Australian males would do and lit a bonfire on dusk !! As the kids followed us around we collected all the crap we cold find and the resulting glow took me back to the days of clearing Xanadu paddocks and burning off at the end of the day. A fire,cold beers and an amazing sunset made for a very relaxing afternoon.

Cheeky little monkies ; Grace, Jam and Olly

Then, this morning, to finish off on a further nostalgic note, I pulled up behind an old Toyota LandCruiser FJ40. This classic old SWB 4×4 was in excellent condition and bought back a flood of memories as we had the same car in the same colour and indeed it was the car I learnt drive in at the age of 10 as my father and I crossed the Simpson Desert. It also reminded me of the mornings Adam wold take me surfing down at Curl Curl, waking me up at dawn with a slap in the head and ” hey fartsack…..lets get going ….”.


King of the road

Ready for action

So….I don’t know what things set you off thinking about home but bonfires and 40 series Landcruisers do it for me !


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2 Responses to Weekend Nostalgia

  1. cindy says:

    Hope everyone at home is high and dry!

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