Sarouen ; Household Help v2.0

As my regular readers might be aware, I had to fire Ohm Sim, our clueless Aunt and Household Help v1.0. She was simply….well…..clueless. Enough said. So in search of a new helper for the missus, I turned to the Parent Network which is a local Yahoo group whose members are predominantly  the stay at home spouses of cashed up NGO workers whose biggest challenge every week is where to find the best Chai Latte in town and a regular supply of Evian to bathe in. I posted a rather ( I thought ) amusing advertisement for a helper with the most desirable traits being full hearing and good eyesight.

Several days later I get several replies from people who are leaving and want to find their ” amazing” staff new jobs. Problem is, most of these people have no idea what real salary rates here are and hopelessly overpay their staff. Some of them wanted us to maintain $200 a month for their girls which I flat out told them was ludicrous for a maid. I don’t even pay my electricians that ! HOWEVER, as Grace is very important to us and as we did not want another $50 a month Ohm Sim, I was prepared to be flexible. I was then contacted by a Filipino lady ( pinoys are possibly the toughest bosses in the world when it comes to maids ) and she said she had to let her girl go due to “personal reasons”. We spoke on the phone and the girl sounded like what we were after. Apparently level headed, confident, trainable and a hard worker. She could live in and was $130 a month. For  this she would clean daily, do the laundry, look after the baby and wash the car. Beauty Mate. So just previous to going away for New Year we asked Sarouen to come over and that she did…with her brother and cousin as escorts ! She was bang on time ( plus ), spoke some English ( plus plus ) and Grace – who could not get away from ohm Sim fast enough – took to her immediately (plus plus plus ). Leakhana and her chatted away while I offered her delightful older brother a cold beer and even Karma seemed at ease with her. After 40 mins or so I asked Leakhana what she thought and she gave me the nod so we offered her full wages on the spot, her own room with en-suite and television and a day off a week.

So she turned up on Tuesday at 4pm as we had organised and started working about 20 minutes later with a minimum of fuss. I was off work the next day with my final days holiday and whilst Leakhana went off to a friends house blessing, I stayed at home and chilled on the couch. Sarouen ? She worked. and worked. and worked. Struth…..the house got cleaned from ear to ear, loads of washing got done, kitchen shelves were re-organised and when Grace went to sleep, Sarouen checked on her about every 30 mins or so. My god. When Grace woke up Sarouen was right here with a nice warm bottle and when it was time to shower….guess who was on shower duty ! She had dinner around 7pm ( having started at 7am ) and we told her she could watch some TV if she wanted when we went to bed but she was like ” Oh…its ok….I am tired too…ill go to bed”. NO SHIT !

I PRAYYYYYYYY this girl is the one. She is about 4ft high god bless her but she has a good vibe about her . Fingers crossed and stay tuned…….

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  1. Michele Owen says:

    When you find good help it is like gold! When we lived in Japan we had the pleasure of Lourdes who had worked in Tokyo for years. She was the best care for me and the kids, they keep it like business not personal or close. It cost $200US a day! Lourdes taught me how to keep a house, I loved every minute of the 9 months in her care. I am excited that Grace enjoys her, Lourdes used to sing with Eddie whilst she cleaned, it was a blessing. Fingers crossed it all stays fabulous. xx

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