Blissfully ignorant or sneaky ?


Jay Z and Polly the cracker


Oprah has just been to Sydney, Australia. Apparently it has been mass hysteria and the from the coverage in the papers you would think Lady Di had risen from the grave. Possibly the most sickening image of the whole event was when Oprah went out sailing with Russel Crowe on Sydney Harbour. Fat old Rusty has rotund Oprah in a South Sydney rugby league hat and t hey b0th look like a couple of idiots. Rusty is even shooting out a peace sign. And can someone tell me why his wife was up on stage with Oprah and Hugh Jackman ? She is a nobody !


Pukefest ; Oprah and Fat Boy

Anyway, in today’s Sydney Morning Herald there is a story about rapper Jay Z paying a surprise visit to Canterbury High School. A teacher called Polly wrote to Oprah about her kids and their love for Jay Z and he decided to pay them a visit. What a legend ! However, I think the heading the journalist chose is epic;


Polly, what a cracker: how a substitute teacher got Jay-Z to class !

Now, either the journalist is having a laugh or is completely oblivious to the slang connotation of the word cracker ? You decide.


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3 Responses to Blissfully ignorant or sneaky ?

  1. Dave says:

    Fred Reed has referred to Oprah Winfrey as looking “like five hundred pounds of bear liver in a plastic bag.” That about sums it up for me. Hurry up and retire, lady.

    • I actually don’t mind Oprah herself all that much. It’s the sycophantic behavior that tends to follow her. Still, I guess when a minute with Oprah can change your life/business people will do just about anything to grab that minute !

  2. Dave says:

    You clarified the point for me, thanks. Oprah…meh. The sycophants that think she is God’s western marketing manager…they deserve what happens to them. Like the Internal Revenue Service reminding them that those cars Oprah gave away were considered income.

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