Ohm Sim




Leakhana has finally recruited help. Our Aunt from Kampot has come to live with us to lend some extra hands . I pushed and pushed and pushed Leakhana for almost a year to get somebody in and a little while ago she said she did not like the idea of trusting Grace with a complete stranger. We had talked about getting Sim up from Kampot and so it has come to pass. My jury is out at the moment.  Sim seems a little lost most days but it is early I will grant her that and Grace is a handful as she takes after her dad . She has already given Sim several thrashings with a broom and her favourite words to her Aunty are now “No Way !” and ” Oh My God ! “. Sim, despite some training, is making the worse instant coffee I have ever had. It takes the porcelain off my teeth. I also have to break her of the habit of showering at 6am as this in turn starts the water pump on the roof which in turn wakes me up 30 mins before I need to be awake. I have also become acutely conscious of the fact that we are leaving Grace with someone who has never really used a mobile phone before ( more training required ) and I am not sure what she would do in the evnet of an emergency. Still… it cannot be easy moving in to someone else’s house and then figuring out what you are supposed to do and how exactly parents want you to  handle their kid but common sense goes a long way.In an ideal world I want someone who speaks some English, knows CPR, drives a car, makes insanely good coffee and can basically run the house with precision. Stay tuned……

More training required. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to Ohm Sim

  1. gavinmac says:

    Excellent. You needed more in-laws around.

  2. ckdewey says:

    Spent years trying to get rid of a succession Ohms and Mings…

    My advise:

    – Move water pump to a more suitable location
    – Programme Ohm’s phone to auto-dial yours
    – Make your own coffee!

    There’s only uncommon sense in Cambodia….

    • Move water pump ; Ot bahn.
      Programmed Phone numbers ; Done already ( now I just have to instill in her the need to tell us when she is out of credit – as she was when I spot tested the phone yesterday )
      Make my own coffee – Screw that. She ain’t getting a free ride.

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