Karma ; Looking Good

Healthy and happy

Karma is really looking fantastic. At 7 months old she still has a lot of growing to do and it think she will really be quite a fine looking adult. I thought she was looking a bit skinny recently so I have been getting Leakhana to buy quality raw beef at Psar Kandal and she has been steadily eating around I guess 600gm to 1kg a day mixed with rice. This had quite a dramatic and rapid effect on her . I looked at her yesterday and noticed she has really beefed up nicely ( pardon the pun ). She is certainly not fat…she has just lost the gangly 3rd world rice-and-scraps look and now looks nice and solid. I can even feel it on the leash when she pulls. I have been giving her extra eggs ( 2 a day or so ) and sardines and her coat is lustrous and shiny and after a tea-tree shower on the weekend she was just in full flight with coat shining and teeth all white . I LOVE MY DOG !

Another view.

Chilling on the front porch


Lully dog.

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6 Responses to Karma ; Looking Good

  1. Dave says:

    What a gorgeous dog! How’s her training coming along?

    • Hey Dave….Coming along really REALLY well. She has a first rate down/stay and holds it amazingly well…better than any dog i have ever had. Also retrieving with gusto and comes at a bolt on the whistle. She was so quick to learn all the basics it was amazing. A real joy to walk to – just the right amount of tension on the line to scare the hell out of everyone HAHHAHA. She is my pride and joy but my Aunt and nanny ( ohm sim ) is terrified of her !! How are all your dogs ? You going to bring one over for me ?

      • Dave says:

        A tempting offer, believe me. Unfortunately, I have a wife to get separated from first.

        I used to fly to the Philippines when I was in the Air Force. That part of the world is fascinating.

  2. cindy says:

    Karma is so gorgeous! You chose well.

    • Cheers Cindy. Karma is blossoming big time. Just a very healthy, strong dog. I just love the feel of her on the leash. Its like having a Marlin on the end of your line !

      • Dave says:

        There’s a breeding I would like to do with my youngest bitch and a dog at my club. The owner is a lady about 5′ 4″ tall and 120 pounds. Her newest male is too strong for her, so I hold the long line on the harness in protection training. That dog hauls my 200 pounds around the field like a kite on a string.

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