Grace ; Licking the bowl




Last night we had Nek and Pek over and after we watched Master Chef I got a burst of inspiration and decided to cook the girls some chocolate brownies. I had bought a packet mix on impulse as I thought it might be a fun thing to do with Grace so as she sat on the kitchen counter and watched, Pek and I whipped up the mix, fired up the oven and then waited in anticipation.



About 20 minutes later smoke started billowing from the oven and on inspection we saw that one corner end of the tray had sagged and charred ! We rescued the tray and let it cool and managed to salvage a good deal of it.Grace got introduced to the delights of likcing the mix bowl and after dinner we made pigs of ourselves. They were actually pretty good with some nice warm soggy in the middle.



...tastes good !



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