Review ; Sons of Anarchy

Chrome, Leather and guns.....

Currently sinking my teeth into a new mini-series. Sons of Anarchy is set ( mostly ) in California and centers around the trials and tribulations of an outlaw motorcycle club. I am not a huge Harley Davidson enthusiast but I can appreciate them and I DO love guns of which there are plenty on this show as this is the main revenue stream for Samcro ( Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original).

Clay (l) and Jacks (r)

Samcro is headed up by it’s President Clay and his VP stepson Jackson. Although the club is large in numbers as is evident by the size of its clubhouse and the extras wandering around in the background,there is basically a core crew that the series centers on. Peggy Bundy ( Katie Segal ) even features as the pistol packing matriarch of the family. The show is resonable eye fodder but it slips in two main areas. Firstly, the characters give bikers a bad name. Perlman is passable as the hard arse President but VP Jacks looks like he just stepped off a skateboard and out of a half pipe. I mean, he wears white sneakers and clean t-shirts for Christ sake ! . It might have something to do with the fact that his last gig as an actor was on the epic gay series Queer as Folk!? “Chibs”, the older Samcro Sergeant-At-Arms has a badly died hair do and “Half Sack”, the as yet unpatched pledge looks like Chris Martin from Coldplay. The one character that carries bad arze biker off superbly is “Opie”…a big bearded bear of a guy who simply oozes “don’t fuck with me”.  So….looks aside….the other disappointment is that these guys ( and  all the other gangs in the show for that matter ) cannot seem to hit a barn with a barge pole when the shooting starts. I don;t know about you but I reckon when 20 guys open up on each other with automatic pistols and AK47s, someone should get hit surely ?

Samcro rides out...

Actually while I am critiquing, the show is set in the sleepy little Californian backwater of Charming. Charming ? Samcro has apparently controlled the growth of this town whilst all round it have boomed. Now..I don’t know how true to form this is but why would every major Biker,Skinhead,Chinese,Mexican and Indian gangs headquarter themselves in a little hokey pokey town called Charming ? Wouldn’t you be in LA ?

Henry Rollins makes an as always fantastic appearance as a white supremacist. With his tattoos and menacing stare, this part is perfect for him. You wouldn’t know he was a poet ! Sonny Barger, possibly the world’s most famous Hell’s Angel, also makes a cameo.


Anyways, I am only half way into it but its worth a look. 7/10

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2 Responses to Review ; Sons of Anarchy

  1. LaudJohn says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this one. I have started to download it. It is not a mini series but a series, 3 seasons so far, 13 episodes a season. You got some watching ahead of you!.

    • Mini-series /series….whatever. Struth…. SAMCRO just went to Ireland and back ! I have now finished up to the end of Season 3. They really should go to shooting school in between seasons and bone up on their skills……

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