The Big Lebowski baby. YEAH !

Had a great night out last night. I have wanted to go Ten Pin bowling here in Phnom Penh for…oh…well…about 4 years now but time has simply slipped by. So I rang Chris mid afternoon and said “Bowling Dude…..let’s go !” and he was up for it. We took the wives and Nek and Pek to dinner first at a local Thai restaurant and then joined Darren and his wife at the Parkway Bowling Center. Finding it was the first challenge. Parkway must be the worse designed “shopping mall” I have ever been in. It reeks of death trap to me. There is no rhyme or reason to how the stairs have been set out and you kind of just wonder around until you find a set that will take you in the right direction.

The Phnom Penh Bowling Lanes........................not.

Anyway you eventually make it to the right level and there is a bit of a games arcade happening with bowling, dodgem cars, computer golf, basketball and the obligatory “waste your money trying to win a stuffed toy for your kid with a crane that isn’t strong enough to lift the toy out of the goddamn fucking machine” game.  I hate that game. I don’t mind spending the measly money but when your kid is like ” Daaaaaad !!!!!! I want that stuffed toy !!!” and you cant deliver cos you know they are all stapled to the bottom of the machine…well…I just wanted to kick the shit out of it. So we all got our little red bowling shoes which were so cool I wanted to take them home with me and we hit the lanes. We all sucked pretty bad but we got the odd strike and little Pek again proved herself to be a naturally sporty chick. After giving the gutter a good working out, she soon got the hang of it and took second in the final set.

Chris gets upset. I told him not bring his gun......

It is amazing how physical bowling is. I was sweating like a bastard towards the end of the game and not even several cold beers could cool me down. I must be getting old or my memory must be fading cos I thought I used to be an OK bowler. Last night I totally sucked. I am pretty sure my balls were not performing properly. Chris’ balls were only marginally better than my balls though his balls were smaller than mine and Chris’ wife Ayha sure knew how to handle the bigger balls that came her way. Darren caressed his balls like a true artist but I think his attire put him in the mood….

Darren all kitted out in his finest.....

Darren’s wife on the other hand was slamming balls so hard on the floor they were making the building’s foundations rock. I think she gets the practice breaking Darren’s balls. Call of the night goes to Darren as he looked over at his wife and said dryly ” you don’t get any points for height…..”

A fantastic night but next time I want to keep it real with some righteous bowling shirts.

Schwing !

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