Dining with design royalty

Van Molyvann THEN

Last night The Australian Business Association of Cambodia ( of which I am treasurer – soon to be Vice President elect ! ) hosted A Night with Van Molyvann. Molyvann is a true Khmer legend and paddles squarely in the same boat as Kung Nai . He is responsible for the architectural design of just about every iconic structure in Phnom Penh and he also happens to be my mate Simon’s father-in-law ! ( ex ). Molyvann has not been the recipient of his countries support. Rather, many of his famous structures have been torn down to make way for the disgusting  plinths of the tasteless, style-bereft Khmer nouveau riche. There are no cash awards in this country so Mr Molyvann has been left to fend for himself and last night was about giving him a bit of a financial leg up. He provided us with a selection of his very own photos that he took of his finished projects and we had them blown up to AO size and framed. We then held a silent auction for most of them ( I live auctioned two of the best at the end of the night ) and bidding was ferocious with most going for over $1000. I tried but alas……..no luck.

I would love nothing more than to be in a position where I could ring up Volymann and say ” Please design a super groovy 1960’s concrete bungalow for me. Open slather…..no brief”. Then I might get something like this ;

How sweet it is.....

Chaktomuk Theater

National Theater ( knocked down recently )


The National Library

Van Molyvann NOW

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2 Responses to Dining with design royalty

  1. John Gibbons says:

    Interesting comments on a daily basis from you, resided in Siem Reap myself for 5 yrs, may return if the business conditions are favorable and corruption issues are a less of a concern ?

    kind regards
    Winging Pom in S.E.A. for the last 30 yrs

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