Huge Traffic


Another day of traffic on phnompen roads.

Last week when the Koh Pich disaster happened I had a massive spike in traffic to my blog and subsequently . Obviously people were very interested in what had happened and came to my blog for news. I could only report what everyone else was reporting but still they came. Then it quietened off over the weekend and then yesterday I had 850 visits !! Interestingly, yesterday’s visits were mostly all to my front home page with only about a dozen visiting random stories ?? Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?


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4 Responses to Huge Traffic

  1. Dave says:

    PLEASE tell me that picture of the jammed up roads is a) from some other country or b) Photoshopped!

  2. Michele Owen says:

    Hi Justin, the success of your informative emails and keeping the world up to date is what would be stimulating the visits, word of mouth is very powerful. Well done! Keep up the connection. Mich x

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