Update on Danay

Thank you very much to everyone who has sent messages of support regarding Danay. Leakhana spent the entire day with her family over at their house catching up with her brother and watching the news reports on TV and I can now let you know how his night panned out.

Danay went over to Koh Pich by himself and got caught up in the exodus as people crossed the bridge. He got stuck in the press of people and fell to the ground and somehow found himself face down on the tarmac with a hole in front of his face which supplied him with much needed air. Danay says he passed out a couple of times and when he was conscious he saw dead people around and on top of him. Miraculously a policeman or two eventually pulled him out of the crush and he was taken over to the park in front of Naga. Scared out of his mind, Danay tried to leave to go home several times but could not walk properly due to the amount of bruising he had sustained. He was put on an IV drip and sat in the park amongst all the bodies of the dead and injured including a pregnant woman whose baby had come out . He was eventually taken off the drip and then stumbled home shoeless all the way down Norodom to Central Market and finally…..home. Danay is covered in welts and is having trouble eating and drinking due to to a combination of the pain and also I think shock at what he has seen.He is a shy kid at the best of times and I hope he bounces back from this but we are very lucky to have him home safely where many families are now grieving the loss of one or in some cases multiple family members.

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3 Responses to Update on Danay

  1. kristin says:

    So glad he’s alive, justin. best wishes for a speedy recovery. big hugs from madu, kristin, and lucia

  2. Jeff says:

    Holy crap, just saw this mate. Hope the kid turns round ok. I had one friend caught, she’s doing ok.

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