Bodies lined up outside NAGA Casino. Over 330 Dead.

I woke up this morning to find the Blackberry jammed with missed calls from Australia, emails from friends and SMS from family all asking the same thing ” Oh my god !! Are you all OK ?”. Scratching my head I turned on the news to see horrible footage of a stampede over on the Koh Pich bridge last night that has claimed the lives of well over 300 people. I go over that bridge twice a week with the dog and this is just terrible news. We rang our family to find that Danay had gone over there by himself and was caught in the crush but managed to escape. He has been in hospital on a drip all night and was apparently looked after by the Doctors. There are many rumors swirling around about what actually started the stampede and how the drama unfolded and my blog got a massive rush in hits last night – over 350 I guess for people looking for news. Thus far…this seems to be the best account. There will be more news as it comes to hand………

Postscript ; Information is flying around as I type and I was directed to this tweet posted by my mate Chris. He tweeted this on Saturday night regards the incredible crowds he had experienced.

“If there were a stampede for any reason.I dread to think……”

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