Cambodia ; A brutal reminder.

Morners observe as the bodies of 14 victims killed by an anti-tank mine in Battambang are cremated yesterday.

Fourteen people, including a 1-year-old girl and a six-month-old infant, were killed on Tuesday evening after their homemade tractor ran over a civil war-era anti-tank mine in Battambang province’s Banan district.Buth Sambo, the Banan district police chief, said the accident happened at about 5:15pm as the group was heading home from work at a chili farm in Kampong Kul village in Banan district’s Cheng Meanchey commune.“The road was abandoned after the civil war because during the Pol Pot regime, they [the Khmer Rouge] put anti-tank mines in the ground,” he said. “The villagers should not have travelled on that road because we already have a new one nearby.”

He said 12 people had been killed immediately by the blast, while one died on the way to the hospital and another died at the hospital on Wednesday morning. The victims included nine females and five males.Chhiv Lim, project manager for the Cambodia Mine/ERW Victim Information System, described Tuesday’s accident as the worst in recent memory.“This is the second time [this year] an accident like this has caused so many casualties,” he said.


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