Woke up with boom boom and wet spots everywhere

Easy there tiger.

Yesterday morning around 5am the skies were rumbling and a lightning show lit up the early morning skies. NO action though. This morning though….different story altogether. I woke up at 4.30am squinting away with a bright light shining in the bedroom and found that the hanging bamboo lamp in the front garden ( which I thought had crapped out in a rain storm a few weeks ago ) had mysteriously resurrected. Freaky. After turning it off I went back to bed and Grace rolled over and latched on in a nice warm bear hug so rather than go back to sleep I lay there and looked out the window at the approaching grey dawn. To the left of our bed there is a beautiful 4m long / 1.5m high window with huge potted palms outside it and at the foot of the bed is another same size window with a row of verdant green bamboo outside. The wall behind the bamboo painted mustard yellow so our bed with it’s outlook is actually one of my favorite places to be in all of Cambodia as it is private, very calming and zen-like.

With Grace sleeping under warm blankets in my arms ,Leakhana snoozing away,the rain pattering down, lightning flicking and thunder grumbling deeply it was the closest to a wintry morning I have had in 4 years and I could have stayed there for hours. Around 5.45am there was an AMAZING flash of light so bright I thought a light in the room or outside the house had sparked and shorted out and then BOOM a thunder clap so sharp and loud it sounded like an Exocet missile at hit the street. I flinched,Leakhana woke up briefly , Grace farted and and things returned to normal.

After a quick hot shower I headed out into the streets at 6a.m and headed for Gloria Jeans and surprisingly there was a lot of water lying around. The stinky creek was flowing pretty fast ( again it had me thinking about conducting canoeing tours down it – very weird idea ! ) and street 63 was runner deep. I grabbed my take out latte and headed back over to the office and on the way I could not help myself. As I turned down Mao Tse Tung Blvd I was met by a posse of weaving,speeding freshy boys on scooters. They were on the wrong side of the concrete barrier coming into the light oncoming traffic and unfortunately for them there was a huge pool of water between me and them and they were trapped as the barrier made it impossible for them to go anywhere. Now…you all know how much I hate freshy boys on scooters right ? They are a blight on Phnom Penh’s streets. In their minds I am sure they thought I would slow down and let them pass so picture their eyeballs widening right up as I hit the pedal and ploughed into that pool of water at 5okmh. All they could do was turn their heads away as they were engulfed by a perfect 4ft tube of gritty street water. As I looked in the rear view mirror I could see them all spluttering like drowned rats. Perfectly coiffured red Koreanesque hairstyles were now flattened messes and white school shirts now clung to them limply. I am sure their headmaster would have thanked me and needless to say…..I am still smiling as I type.

Aahhhhhhh…..Tuesday !

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2 Responses to Woke up with boom boom and wet spots everywhere

  1. Chakriya says:

    hahaha…i would say you’re a jerk but i’m not too keen on those type of boys either. so a high five is in order instead!

  2. kristin says:

    this just made my day! nice work, j.

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