Srey Touch’s birthday and a very long card game.

Cards and women. Exhausting.

Just as I was leaving work on Saturday morning my wife called me and told me that it was Srey Touche’s (23rd )  birthday and we had been invited over for lunch. That suited me fine as I had an early night previously and was as hungry as a hippo. We dropped Grace off at Mum’s and then took all the kids to their various schools and on arrival at Mark and Touche’s house I found Mark putting the finishing touches ( pardon the pun) on a lamb roast. It was slid into the oven and Mark and I retired to outside to drink a few cold beers. Due to the heat of the day ( not made any easier sitting under tin I can tell you ) and the fact that Sindre was running late due to having a meeting with Phnom Penh’s dodgiest man, we did not eat until 3pm by which stage Mark and I were well on the way. HIC.

After lunch I went and changed a bunch of $USD into KHR and on my return the table was cleared, the cards came out , $20 stacks were distributed and it was game on. The wives disappeared upstairs for their own game of Khmer cards but more on that a little later. The poker going on downstairs resembled a game being played on a cruise ship in violent seas. Stacks slid from one side of the table to the other SWOOSH with Mark being the original recipient of Sindre’s entire stack. Rebuy ! Luckily I was playing tighter than usual so for the most part my stack had an anchor on it but soon enough Mark and I went toe to toe on a large pot, a freak wave washed over the table and SWOOSH he won. I was down to my last $7.  After that the ship listed yet again SWOOSH and this time it all came my way. Mark got wiped off the deck SWOOSH  and a good deal of Sindre’s stack also slid my way when SWOOSH I claimed a 60k pot with kk77 to his JJ77. Game over. About time I had a win.

It is now 11pm and the girls were still in full swing upstairs and as Mark was headed for bed and Sindre and I were headed for a nightcap at Liquid, we left them to it.  At Liquid I realised I was far too drunk to still be out ( though in a very happy / mellow / tired way ) and so I headed for home. Around 2a.m I got an SMS from Leakhana asking me to lock up so I assume she is either staying at Srey Touche’s or going over to stay with Grace at her mum’s place…..wrong ! . I send her an SMS at 8am the next day to say good  morning and blow me down ….the girls are still playing cards ! Apparently the story goes that they were too scared to get a tuk tuk so early in the morning so the safest thing was to keep playing cards !?


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