Dog Trot Houses

OK…I don’t want to bore my regular readers about all things house building but I have to say I am obsessed at the moment and besides, I have met several recent readers of my blog and they seem to enjoy the content just as it is so NYEAH . Anyway, these days I find myself scouring the roads as a I travel to and from work and out to meetings for any building supply shops that might have something of unique to use one day.

A few nights ago I was looking around on the internet and I stumbled on to the concept of Dog Trot houses.

Dog Trot being built

Completed. Beautiful.

Wikipedia tells me a dogtrot house “historically consisted of two separate cabins with a breezeway or “dogtrot” ( which Karma would love ! )  between them under a common roof. Typically one cabin is used for cooking and dining while the other is used for private living space such as bedrooms.The breezeway provided a cooler covered area for sitting. The combination of the breezeway and open windows in the rooms of the house created air currents which pulled cooler outside air into the living quarters efficiently in the pre-air conditioning era. Architects continue to build dogtrot houses using modern materials but maintaining the original design…”

Now, unless I am missing something…this design is perfect for what we need;

a)Perfect for hot climates ( though not with the small windows and doors featured above )

b )Two separated cabins = one for family / friends and one for us. These can be used together of if friends go down by themselves, one could remain locked.

b) A loft set up in one of the cabins ( a larger one of,say, 8m x 4m ) would allow not only extra sleeping space but we could also store all our weekender requirements when we are not there.

c) With no need for internal living area, that covered breezeway/ middle-section becomes the default relaxing area rain or shine and I like the extended t-section deck which also covered would make for a much larger chill out area. Unfortunate here in Cambodia we cannot have unshaded/ uncovered areas as you either fry and fade away in the dry season or get soaked and slip away in the wet.

d) This whole design could be done very cheaply in timber with thatched roofs and huge shutters Cambodian style or ( more expensive ) modernist style using concrete and tri-fold doors /  louvered windows etc and would look awesome.

e) Cost permitting, this whole lay-out would also be great elevated one story for views and breezes with all the ensuing space you pick up underneath.

So unless I seem something else …..I am going to stick with this and start playing around with it a bit.

Same same but different

Flow through..

I wish we needed a fireplace on the deck here

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1 Response to Dog Trot Houses

  1. cindy says:

    Dog trots were all that made living in the south bearable before air conditioning. Many houses had sleeping porches which were on the 2nd story or elevated 1st floor, screened in of course. In the west where fire was a real concern, separating the cooking area away from the living area was a practical safety measure as well as keeping the heat away. Those pictures look marvelous! Karma must be so big, Stosh can’t eat enough to get full with these cooler temps.

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