WTF ! Short suits ? Struth mate.

How to look like a complete nonce in one easy lesson.

As an ex money-market trader and man about town who used to wear $1000 Hugo Boss suits and still likes to dress up in a tailored one for special events ( like the one I am wearing today for lunch with the new Australian Ambassador at her residence ) , I was horrified…nay….sickened to see this little snippet in the SMH this morning .

”This is a very, very high fashion look,” observes menswear designer Arthur Galan, ”It’s for the 25 or 28-year-old who cares about his appearance, wants to stand out in the crowd.”

Yeah…stand out like a Florist at a Loggers conference.

‘It’s for the boys who’ll go that bit further than most for, say, a summer wedding, or the spring [racing] carnival.

Yes…they will go further alright. Down on their knees all the way……

”There’ll be fit older guys who feel comfortable with it, and who’ll look really cool, and menswear has sped up a lot, so you never know.”

Yes…I DO know. NO guy in his right mind would wear one of these nonce suits unless he was a card carrying chutney ferret.

Galan and Finch agree that the only obstacle to any boy or man’s uptake of the short suit, may be his legs. ”They have to be toned,” says Galan. ”They can’t be too hairy,” says Finch. But, nor should they be too pale, too thin, too thick, too smooth, moisturized, obviously fake-tanned or rough-kneed. ”It’s hard,” sighs Finch…

Well that rules me out then THANK GOD. I have men’s legs; Hair, scars and dry spots.

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2 Responses to WTF ! Short suits ? Struth mate.

  1. Dave says:

    When Western culture is finally dead, that is the suit it will be buried in. God help us. 🙂

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