On housing again…..

With the $AUD  near all time highs and other factors weighing in, I am considering selling the house in Australia. This would not only free up capital to buy a townhouse here in PP but might also allow us to proceed with Kep. I am still thinking about cheap,functional and attractive housing ideas and shipping containers have always fascinated me. I have blogged about them before and here is  my latest find . A mob in Austria will bang this together for you at $80k.


Groovy Baby Yeah



Swish insides


This design kicks it for me because ;

a) It ain’t like nothing else here and I want our house to have WOW factor. Apart from the fact I will probably only get one shot to build a house and want it to be special in it’s own right, I also want something that will have x factor should we ever wish to on sell to another westerner.

b) I love simplicity and straight lines and I also like open plan. I cannot see much of what is going on inside but I can imagine.

c) I love the open spaces that the concrete substructure create underneath. This would area make for a great terracotta tiled or terrazzo concrete entertaining area .  Extend all three concrete footings to allow for a huge upper front deck with roof and you could also then add an extra room or two underneath or a kitchen leading out to the entertaining area by simply bricking it in.

d) Overall roof design would need to be worked on as I intend on collecting rain water into a 10,000 liter tank.

e) Easily expanded in future.

And there is this pearler whose fold up, secure and walk away design is just awesome . I have been thinking a lot about recessed roller doors to secure a house when we are not there but this is somewhat advanced ! ;







Or this which if built with steel and timber would look ace to and is pretty close to what I would like in an ideal world. Lots of open glass to get the rice paddy and mountain views, lots of steel to resist white ants, timber floors etc and that Pavilion roof would be great for heat escape ;


Almost perfect.


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4 Responses to On housing again…..

  1. david shiel says:

    Yeah that’s simple, stupid simple!

  2. cindy says:

    Love it! Buy it now!! Just perfect- save room for me

  3. mrhump says:

    I like the containers as well,but they are only 8 foot wide.
    Good design sitting on columns a la khmer house.
    A roof over with the overhang at the front would make the house thermally efficient,one would need tp protect all that glass but if one used 12.38 lami it is surprisingly good insulation.
    Now there are large mobile cranes appearing in PP the containers are feasible and are only 2k each to buy max.
    I like the container home on the net where the top one cantilevers over the lower one towards the pool.

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