Cambodia’s first bird !?



New style ; Johnny Cash giving that iconic flip-off


I was driving out in Toul Kork today and witnessed a truly amazing sight. A ccouple of Freshy boys on a scooter and another rider almost had a head on as they cut in front of each other. They both slowed down and looked back at each other and whilst the single rider gave the Bruce Lee death stare , the freshy boy driver raised his middle finger in a perfect flip-off. Fuck. I was stunned. I have NEVER seen a Khmer use the middle finger EVER. I use it all the time and all I ever get back is the death stare,a reverse peace sign or a shaking fist….

I was so happy I almost crashed my car.


No style 1 ; I go fuck you up

No Style 2  ; Come back here...I still go fuck you up.

Old style



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1 Response to Cambodia’s first bird !?

  1. mrhump says:

    I have seen Khmer do this often but then I drive like a grumpy humpy…..

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