I like the cut of his jib


Last night I was surfing the net on the crackberry for some dog training equipment and I came across a well known provider of K9 services and products. There was a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy but when you live in Cambodia the first thing you have to check is the shipping policy cos for some reason a lot of people will not send stuff here. Anyway….here is the direct cut and paste from the site’s shipping page. I have added some additional text in orange that I think he should add to his text to really ramp it up.


Countries I Will NOT Do Business With for any GAWDAMNED reason

I refuse to sell my training videos and products to people who live in certain countries around the world. I may be wrong in taking the positions I take (this is the beauty of working for yourself and owning your own business) – but to those who say that this is politics and there are many good people who live in these countries – I say, “That’s fine but my son is in the US Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne, and I choose not to do business with certain countries!!!!”

  • France – Before the election of President Zarcosy we would not sell any products to France – because their attitude towards the war on terror. This has now changed and we have reversed our position. We now sell to France.  Even though we used to see them as cheese eating surrender monkeys, we have now surrendered ourselves but do not tell my son COS HE IS A STORM..er..PARATROOPER GAWDAMNIT.
  • Saudi Arabia – I have no interest in taking money from Saudi Arabia. I think Saudi Arabia is a nation that supports terrorists. They foster extremists and make a token effort to try and stop anti-terrorism efforts. Others from my country can do business with these people. I have no interest in their money though i will use their sand for my dog litter trays. That way when Shock and Awe take a steaming dump, it is the next best thing to me shitting on their gawd damned soil. Oh…and I will use their oil for my Chevy Suburban cos I got to get the dog shows somehow.
  • Pakistan – Pakistan supports terrorists and I will have nothing to do with this country. They support the Taliban and lie about it gawd damnit to hell. They are no friend of America. In my opinion America should have supported India in the war on terror but then I don’t really like Indjuns either. Read the book titled Ghost Wars and you will see why I take this position. The book won a pulitzer prize. Plus, they have beards and I do not trust a man with facial hair.
  • Nigeria – A country of thieves and criminals who do not follow the rule of law. STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY INBOX YOU SCAMMING BASTARDS.
  • Syria – nothing more than a terrorist nation. In my opinion they should be the next step after Iraq. Their gawdamed faggoty hippy leader wears a gawd damned dress too. What a pussy.
  • Indonesia – A country with no respect for law. Not tot mention being the breeding ground for fundamentalist extremist right wing hijab wearing moozi terrorist GAWDAMNIT
  • Philippines I caught a nasty case of the dang clap there back in dubble-u dubble-u two and it weren’t no gawdamned fun I can tell you.My scrot itched for weeks and I thought it was just some plain old fungi. Those god damned bar girls I tell you…….
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