Settling up and a visit to The White House

When you buy land in Cambodia the terms are pretty…er…..efficient. You pay a deposit and you generally have 4 weeks tops to settle up. So it was that Leakhana and I jumped in the truck and bolted south for final payment on our block’s extension. We stopped for a bite to eat about halfway and this saw us coming in to Kep after dark which is seriously dangerous as the roads are pitch black and there are cows,kids,pigs and all manner of random things out on the road. Anyway we arrived safely and booked in to Kep Lodge and then headed down to the Sailing Club where we hooked up with Paul and Ang and also found John and Aejke at another table with their gorgeous little boy Genghis. After a quick beer it was over to Kim Ly for dinner and then back to the bungalow where Leakhana and I collapsed in sheer exhaustion.

The following day brought rain and wintry like conditions so we had breakfast and then headed out to the land. The excellent news was that given that we were buying the land from the same family who sold us the original block, we were able to simply change the dimensions on the original contract and the Sangkat copy. This effectively means the block is one entity instead of two and when it comes time to hard titling the process is much easier. Juntha also tells us that the word out on the street is that the Germans (GTZ ? ) are hard titling everyone’s land for free , have made it as far as Kep and within 4-6 months we will have FREE hard title. Whoopee !

After settling up we headed over to have a look at the white house which I am thinking about booking for my birthday celebrations. Not cheap at $2000 a night but what the hell you only live once right. This house is a classic 1960s concrete number that has been painstakingly restored and kitted out with some awesome retro furniture including some Jacobsen chairs ( loved it all ) and artwork ( hated most of it ) and the kitchen and bathrooms were the best I have seen in the country. Most of the house interior is white but the kitchen fittings are stainless steel and fire engine red and it is HUGE and open and begs for a boozy cook-up. Outside there is an infinity pool with huge deck and sweeping views of the Gulf of Vietnam with lounge chairs and then in front is a stretch of land leading down to the oceanfront that is massive in the extreme and includes a couple of chip and putt golf holes and some hobby rice fields.  All in all…….probably one of the most stylish dwellings I have seen in Cambodia thus far and I have seen some trust me. It has given me some great ideas for our house.

Check it out……..

The entrance

Misty mountain carparking

Tennis anyone ?

Main entry


Stunning kitchen. I want one....

Kitchen again

Rooftop relaxing

White white bathroom

Pool 1

Pool 2

Pool 3

Groovy pathway to the paddock.

Front Exterior

Rear courtyard

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3 Responses to Settling up and a visit to The White House

  1. cindy says:

    So when exactly is your birthday? And are total strangers- who happen to have gsds- invited?? I would happily be your new best friend

  2. cindy says:

    Oh- well I guess I’ll have to miss it, but happy birthday. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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