Review;The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

A story about a boy and his dog.

I stumbled upon this book just after I got Karma and so the timing was incredibly fortuitous. This is a fantastic story for anyone who is, as I am, passionate about dogs.  Set back  in the 50s on a farm in rural America, it tells the tale of Edgar Sawtelle and his parents who run a dog breeding kennel producing $1000 “Sawtelle Dogs”. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what kind of dogs they are but there are several references to German Shepherds. At any rate, they sound like first rate dogs and there is constant mention of the training routines and commands they use when rearing the dogs. The book is a nice long read, is quite dramatic in it’s story line and very sad in its eventual outcome. I can highly recommend it…..especially if, like me, you have a lovely pup curled up at your feet while you read it. My copy is headed for Australia and my nephew Jim who has got is first dog this year – a kelpie pup called Lola.

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