How to kill fish ; A pictorial.

Step 1. Clean that old pot you have had sitting around for months and place it in a shady location.

Step 2.Clean decorative pebbles

Step 3.Add some stress by placing the fish in front of a large hungry puppy.

Step 4.Add some toxic Phnom Penh water straight from the tap. Do NOT add salt .do NOT add chemicals to balance the water and do NOT buy an oxyginator.

Step 5.Now add stressed out fish to the pot full of unbalanced,unsalted, oxygen free toxic Phnom Penh water and wait....................

Result  ?? ; Your $50 worth of exotic fish will be dead within 2 hours !  YAY !

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3 Responses to How to kill fish ; A pictorial.

  1. nomade51 says:

    All I know about PP water; it did not kill your fish. That is the only thing for granted. The nomad from PP.

    • They say PP water is amongst the world’s finest !? I find that hard to believe but I agree it was probably not the cause of the massacre. I think we needed the chemicals and the salt. The second batch of fish are mush happier…….and still alive !

  2. kristin says:

    we just got lucia a fish tank for her bday– we were advised to use drinking water– at this point a few fish have died and a few more are suffering from a mystery ailment– but most ore ok. did u find any chemical to balance the water?

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