What are the bloody chances ?

Two will become four.....

When Leakhana got pregnant 2.9 years ago with Grace there was a double celebration because her older sister Phalla declared she was one week behind us and sure enough, Vichea came along 5 days after Grace.

Last weekend in Kep Phalla happened to mention that she was a little late with her “woman’s day”. About 8 days to be exact. Yesterday I ring Tra to talk some business with him and he concludes with ” hey mate….I got a little surprise for you….”. Turns out the day before they went and had an ultrasound ( the same day we did it ! ) and …yes…..Phalla is pregnant again too. One week behind us. What are the bloody odds of that !

We have already discussed the options of swapping if we have same sex babies again…

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One Response to What are the bloody chances ?

  1. kristin says:

    what great news! congrats to everyone!

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