Wednesday night poker ; Finns,fights and a Fird place.

Here we see the Finns in the Naga Sauna getting ready to play poker

Had an interesting,if stressful night playing cards last night. After a call from Shane to ask if I was interested in playing the Hole Em tournament at the Red Fox, I found myself at Naga at the ripe young hour of 6pm. Shane was in his collar and tie having come straight from work, the always singing Curran and Brett from the Red Fox are also in attendance. Completing the table were one random Aussie, one random Khmer and two young Finns who were over from Thailand where they lived and they were throwing cash around like no-ones business. You cannot gamble in Thailand so this is like Disneyland for them.I sit down, buy in for $200 and order a beer.

The next hour is pretty painful. I am playing relatively tight and fold what would have been several large winning hands in the face of some serious raises by the Finns only to see them win with absolute shit. They are basically playing each other and the rest of us step in when we can and have a lash. I dip to $100, get back up to $200, dip to $100 again and then around 7pm I call ALL IN with about $80 holding 94 after the flop comes down 993 . Several others follow and the pot is about $300 odd. Turn and River are shite cards and we all turn over. I lost to a Finn who has A9. Bastard. I cop it on the chin and wish everyone good luck and I leave Naga pretty despondent. Stupid stupid stupid. I just blew the cost of my fence posts ! And that shits me no end.

I get into the car and sit there for a bit debating whether I should go to the Red Fox or not. The buy in is only $20 but I know if I dust that I will probably buy back in again and if I lose that well….it’s an expensive night. I get to the traffic roundabout at Sothearos and it is a left turn for home and a right turn for Round 2 and  it is decision time. Trust me …I am fucking upset with myself at this stage but I know I am relatively decent player when I knuckle down and do not chain drink beer so I make the call and turn right for The Red Fox.

The tournament starts and I am at a table with Keith ( “The calculator”  ), Michael ( “The Dark Horse “),Ritchie ( “Begby” ),Duncan( “Yecannhannamanngrannaspanna”), Srey Mom ( ex Fox dealer and now budding card shark “Mata Mom”) and a couple of others. Our table is the quiet,relaxed table whereas the other table with Gary (“Mr Ed”), Aaron (“Mr Serious”) a well-lubricated Shane ( “Barry Mackenzie”) and a few others is the noisy,loud,boisterous “will you shut the fuck up ! ” table. I am drinking coffee

( can u believe it ! ) and getting pretty crappy hands but manage to win a couple of decent pots and then Mom and I go head to head and I lose a wad of my chips to her. In a strange twist of ” That’s Poker ! ” fate, the next hand I get good cards and after several players stay in only to fold pre-river ,I all in an American chap and win which sees my pile grow substantially. I then all in Mom on the next hand and waste her and all of a sudden I am sitting in front of a considerable stack. To be fair to Mom, I chased a flush with two hearts in hand and two on the table after the flop and hit it on the river. A couple of the better players shook their heads and muttered ” unbelievable” to which I actually politely asked

” what is so unbelievable about that?”. Fuck them. I decided to chase it and I hit it. These guys who count implied odds and outs and blah blah can give me the shits sometimes. I am not a horse racing man but these same guys probably would get pissed off when a horse comes down the outside to in the last 400m.

Don't wave at me you **** !

The tables then merge and it is Brett,Shane,Michael,Ritchie,Aaron and a couple of guys I  don’t know. I am amongst the higher stacks and desperate to regain some of the cash I lost at Naga so my strategy is to play tight,let the other guys do the hard work against each other and take a place at least. Unfortunately we had only two tables playing so it is not going to be a big pot but better than nothing. Shane is WAY stack high and drinking pretty hard and talking pretty hard.He takes ( the very serious ) Aaron all pre-turn and they show their cards. I cannot remember exactly what they had but it is basically a coin toss with them both relying on the following two cards and the river card sees Shane take it. It is here that the night takes a shitty turn . As Aaron shakes his head and gets up to leave Shane in a moment of exaltation actually WAVES at him with a shit-eating grin and says “BYE BYE“. Uh Oh. In a flash Aaron erupts with a tirade of expletives including the C bomb. Apparently Shane had just done this same thing earlier and Aaron had told him he thought it was pretty bad form ( be honest…it probably is ) and Aaron was now super pissed it was being done to him. The rest of us sunk into our seats and waited for the spit and bile to subside and Shane looks like a kid who has had his bat and ball taken away from him.

Anyhow…..after the excitement it very soon came down to Shane,Ritchie and I and first hand we go all in together which suits me because it is after 11pm and I am knackered. I end up with third place and $100 which soothes my Naga pain considerably. I am very happy to have played the way I did last night . No drinks, aggressive at times, passive when needed and everyone loves a place in the top three. I retire home to a hot bowl of noodles and comfy sleep.

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2 Responses to Wednesday night poker ; Finns,fights and a Fird place.

  1. Lara says:

    Hey! Saw your comment on Devo’s blog. I used to be heavily involved in poker in Vegas (the publicist for Doyle, Phil H, and several others). I am currently in SE Asia and plan to spend 6 months in Cambodia. I thought I would drop you a comment and say hello. I LOVE it here.
    Lara Miller

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