Boys Toys

My brother Adam sickened me yesterday. I rang him to tell him about my new toy….our expectant baby…..and he congratulates me and says ” I will send you a photo of my new toy…..”.

Hubba Hubba - The MV " MWS "

With a little note attached “This is a Hammondcraft 15 ft 6 inch ski boat powered by a E49 Hemi Chrysler motor with single barrel Holley carb. Made in Brookvale.Boat is a collectors item and goes like a mad woman’s shit.”

I therefore suggested he called it MWS but I have no doubt he will come up with a suitable name for it. Adam deserves this toy. The last of his three children has finished private schooling and and his wife have toiled tirelessly for their family. I did ask what he had bought his wife though !! . Over here of course, if I bought something like that I would have to make a second trip to the diamond shop for Leakhana. Anyhow….nice one bro’.

L to R ; Larn ( wife ) and Emma ( daughter ) enjoying a ride on MV MWS

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