Grace Sokhan Garnett turned two at 7.30am this morning. What a quick two years it has been. Seems like only yesterday she was a zygote in mum’s tummy and now she is walking talking mayhem.

30 mins old

Numero Uno

Two years flew past - a bit like Grace in this photo HAHAHHHA get it?

The new play room

When I got home from work we gave her a few presents and then I set up her new play room complete with brand new 4m2 yellow flooring and I hung her new jumbo 707 swing for her and she wasted no time in jumping in and taking off ( no license required ) with a big smile on her face. Leakhana was planning a nice home-cooked Italian dinner but I made and executive decision and declared “ Suki Soup Buffet !!” so we showered, jumped in the new ride with Mum and headed for my favourite family restaurant in Phnom Penh. On arrival Grace was given a balloon on a stick to bash customers about the head with and we were shown to a table within arm’s distance of the buffet. Perfecto! With a bottle of red wine and a cold beer on the way and with the staff firing up the soup/bbq console at our table, we headed for the array of lovely fresh foods. You simply grab a plate and go crazy with the offerings of marinated fish, spicy beef, sesame pork,bacon,squid,clams,dumplings, vegetables and a whole bunch of stuff that I could not figure out. Take it back to your table and away you go with a sizzling BBQ on the outside and a pot of soup simmering away in the middle. Cost is $10 a head and you get free flow of soft drink, fruit juice and ice-cream – my favourite part. Even Grace finally discovered the delights of a bowl of ice cream and was soon stealing everyone else’s.

MMMMMMMM Buffet......

DIY Cook out

Grace gives her seal of approval on the ice does mum.

After dinner I decided it would be fun to head over to Diamond Island and the amusement park and as it turns out so did half of Phnom Penh. Diamond Island is a residential/commercial development in progress but it has some nice established gardens already ( I walk Karma over there) and a tacky little fun park with some rides and 50million pop-the-balloon-for-a-prize stalls. With hundreds of freshy kids out on their scooters and dozens of Lexus cruising around and around it was a bit of a cluster **** but we soon found a parking spot and headed for the action. First stop was a train ride. For the princely sum of $1.25 all four of us boarded the Choo Choo express and off we went. Grace and I had a ball leaning in to the corners and Mum and Leakhana looked like a pair of 2 year olds themselves.

All aboard !

Next stop was the dart shooting alley. $1.25 gets you 12 very small darts ( certainly not competition spec ) and there is a plethora of prizes depending on your skill sets. Mine were not so god on the night but I managed to wow the local kids with a few over the shoulder reverse shots and in the end I scored a large stuffed bunny for Grace so all was not lost.

How hard can it be......

Lightning fast.....

Final stop was another small ride where mum and grace jumped into a two seater carriage and whizzed around. Grace was in the front with mum behind and I am really not sure who was having more fun. Round and round they went laughing their heads off. Afterward it was home for some much needed sleep. Haooy biorrhday Gracie ! Stay tuned for parrty shots from this coming Saturday…..

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