Good Karma ; An update the bat cave......

OK so I have had little karma for 3 weeks now and she is now 10 weeks old.I started training her with small uncooked hot dog treats on day one and then ebayed some clickers to Cambodia which we are now using daily and here is where we are at ;

  1. Karma SITS
  2. Karma COMES 99% of the time and comes on a loud 4 fingered whistle if she cannot see me
  3. Karma DROPS on command
  4. Karma STAYS when focused in training
  5. Karma LOOKS at me when asked
  6. Karma is potty trained and goes and sits or lies at the closed door of my office whilst looking at me expectantly when she needs to go or if she is in her crate at night she paws the door or whines a little. I always go with her and say GET BUSY and last night she was showing no obvious signs of needing to pee but it was bedtime so i took her out and said GET BUSY and…..yep…..she peed. STOP THE PRESS – as I was writing this she just went over to the door and sat and placed her two front paws up on the door. I took her outside and HUGE pee !
  7. Karma goes OUTSIDE when told.
  8. Karma is retrieving a tossed teddy 80% of the time
  9. Karma WAITs when told – for food,getting out of the car, leaving the front gates of the house etc etc
  10. Karrma is now well and truly trying her best to enter the car ( I havea Tacoma Truck ) with a GET UP command and she knows GET OVER ( to the other side ) and GET IN BACK ( move into the crew cab area behind me )
  11. Karma WALKs on a loose lead on an almost perfect informal heel. I have walked her through loud music and crowds and she is perfect. Last night I walked her briskly for about 2 km along the Mekong river and she trotted alongside me. When we had to cross kerbs I stopped her, sat her and waited her and then LETS go.
  12. Karma crates. I bought a plastic travel crate and she loves it and sleeps almost all night ( pees notwithstanding ) with the door closed.
  13. Karma comes to work and is completely happy sleeping on the cool tiles in front of me desk or upside down jammed in a corner or mauling her chew toy . She loves the routine.
  14. Oh yeah – her ears are up 100% and look like radar stations. Sharp,erect and multi-directional

Happy Dog

Last night as I watched telly with the family, I had Karma lying on top of me as a treat and I was grooming her for ticks. I swear I almost started crying . I have loved all my dogs in the past but this pup is something else. Her eyes when she watches me,her smile,her desire to please and her inquisitive loyalty ( she watches me shower patiently, watches my wife cook without drooling or begging , watches our daughter play ) her incredibly soft black coat, her talking. I am just smitten with this dog.

What is even more amazing is I have never owned a GSD, never used a clicker and never crate trained. I was very old school with my training years ago. Rubbing noses in pee, tapping noses to bite correct, forcing bums down to sit, yanking leads to stop eager walkers, not allowing dogs inside etc. I got lucky and it worked but thanks to some research and youtube and other resources my eyes have been opened to much better ways of getting results from your dogs.

It's tiring be a pup.

To be honest, after I had committed to buying and was waiting the 8 weeks, I did a lot of googling and I got a bit nervous about the GSD breed. I read all sorts of stories good and bad and started to second guess my choice. How much work would she be ? How would she be with my kid ? YADDA YADDA BLAH BLAH . I also kind of underestimated how much of a commanding presence they hold in society and by that I mean for owners we see the amazing dog in front of us but for the general public, they often see the stereotypical attack dog, vicious police dog or basically, just a big dog with big teeth ! Now….well……I would not have missed this pup for the world . I have been socialising her heavily and my friends with their own unruly untrained mutts are amazed at her obedience and when I walk the promenade, people literally stop in their tracks at the sight of this gorgeous black and tan pup with a straight tail ( almost unheard of here in Cambodia ) trotting alongside me in unison. Two nights ago I gave my mate’s 12 year old daughter one or my new spare clickers as she is the owner of the little brown dog you might have seen in my other post. I gave her a list of sites and said ” its up to you !! “. We will see…….

OK so what does she do that is Bad Karma ?


Well…..she is a tad nippy of course and my little girl has a few marks on her arms but I don’t think it is excessive compared to what I have read here, I know it is part and parcel of puppyhood and will pass and when I am around Karma certainly understands NO BITE. It mostly happens when everyone is excited !

She doesn’t poo in the exact same place . I can live with that !

That’s about it.

Wishing you all Good Karma !

Karma in full teddy attack mode

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4 Responses to Good Karma ; An update

  1. Goyzer says:

    I found this post particularly nauseating.
    My Puppy Bernie sits….

    so there.

    • Yes well the Germans have always been know for superior engineering. Google “clicker training” and “crating”. I can’t recommend these two techniques enough and they are not hard to learn. Either that or slap Bernie hard in the head. Just make sure the kids are not watching………………….

    • Dave says:

      Two types of dogs: German Shepherds, and those who wish they were.

      Karma sounds like a blessing! Be prepared for her, though, when she gets to about 14 months old. That’s when they start thinking for themselves.

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