A typical Sunday ; Poker and Raves

Had a relatively quite night on Saturday. I popped into Anthony Galloway’s house for his 45th birthday drinks which was a low-key but friendly affair with some wonderful Indian food and plenty of banter. Only downside was when I left I found that some thieving low-life Wat Phnom scum bag had stolen both my rear view vision mirrors. The car was parked right in front of the Galloway’s villa and under lights with a few other guest’s cars yet mine was the only one targeted. I then picked up some visitors James and Maly who were on from Singapore and we headed over to a small bar for a beer with Henning in tow. Picked up the wife and her  sister and we all cruised over to Pontoon which was bouncing up and down. It was a bit hard to chat to James and Maly as we were seated right under a speaker and Leakhana disappeared in a flash the moment she realised that the facial cream they had used on her at Psar Kandal that day was now lighting up under the UV white lights and making her look like a ghost.That was basically the end of her night and we were soon dropping James and Maly off at the very swank 252 hotel . They said it is excellent so if anyone is looking for a place to stay in the mid-range, give it a go.

So Sunday I awoke fresh as a daisy and decided I felt like playing the Naga Tournament. I met Sindre at Aussie XL for a starter and then we headed on over and settled in to some seats and a few free cold ones. The tournament started in earnest and the usual sharks were in attendance. I blew my first $20 buy in pretty quickly and bought in again and around 3pm with my second stack just about gone, I got an SMS from Paul suggesting beers in the sunshine in my garden with the kids and the dogs. Sounded like a great idea and I suddenly really did not want to be inside playing cards but it was here that things started to get rather amusing. I had a small stack I had to get rid of before I could go anywhere so I started just going all in on everything I was dealt. And then I won. And won. And won. And won some more. Before you could say STACK ATTACK I had sent both Keith and Brett packing and a we headed into the break I had a rather health pile of chips ! DAMN. That wasn’t part of the plan. It then got worse. At the break you are allowed one more $1000 re-buy ( effectively $40 ) before they shut the rebuys and when I came back from the bathroom there was a nice shiny red $1000 chip under my already large stack  but……..I never asked for a top up ( remember I was trying to get the hell out of there ) and I never paid for it ! Not my problem but hey……I’ll take it !

Playing the ALL IN DONKEY method gets you from this..........

....to this !!

So down to the final table of 8. Sindre is still playing with me and he is doing a mighty fine job of ordering beers for both of us at the rate of about one per 20 minutes. He is shooting out so many two fingered signals at the girls ( two more beers ! ) that he looks like a hippy at a love-in. Sindre is great to play cards with because a) he is fucking good and b) like me, he loves to punch the beers while he does it ! Also at the table were Mike the Teutonic German, May the female Mata Hariesque assassin, some good old boy from Georgia and a few other randoms. Although at this stage theoretically I could have knuckled down and possibly taken a place and therefore a cash prize I was still keen to get home so again I started to play loose and this time….well……I was soon heading off. What a great fun afternoon though.

Arriving home I found the BBQ in full swing and the girls all playing in the garden. Sausages were sizzling and lamb chops were grilling so we uncapped a nice Chilean red and turned on some tunes. I got the camera out, st it to night portrait and some very interesting photos came out of the session. Check em out ;

The girls sporting new tattoos

Electro head !

Grace unleashes the power

Nek and Pek channeling belzebub

Mummy cops a kiss

My little devil

Responsible,mature parenting.

All lit up

Nice interior shot of the house

Leakhana in her Gavinmac inspired man-beater

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