Paul’s Park

A while back I blogged about a trip out to Mak’s place near Stung Meanchay.  On Sunday I again headed out that way but this time it was to have a goosey gander at Paul and Aileen’s block which they are intending on building a holiday house on. With Leakhana in Bangkok, it was just me, Grace, Karma, mum and Srey Nek and Srey Pek – and that esky full of beer we did not get to drink at the football the previous day. A mere 25 minutes or so later and we arrived at the block and I realised it was only about 400m from Mak’s place.

The pearly gates

View from across the road

The block is about 35m across the front and about 75m long and is nice and flat . Paul had to dump about 2m of soil into the entire block to get it up to road level and there are some nice large shady mango trees on it. As the kids planted the 40 young bougainvillea shrubs along the perimeter wall and the two little dogs played together in the mud, Paul and I walked around with a cold tinny and discussed his plans for the house. It really is a very nice patch and will make a fabulous and very accessible escape from Phnom Penh.

After as spot of lunch we piled all the kids into the back of my ute and took a slow drive down to Mak’s place and then over to the other side of the river. It would be nice to get a block out there or even rent a small house so daresay I will be going out there again.

Picnic zone

New best ( and filthy dirty ) buddies ; Karma and Brownie

Under the shade of a coolabah tree..

Srey Pek and Grace have a swing.

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4 Responses to Paul’s Park

  1. LaudJohn says:

    2m of fill across the entire block is 5,250 cubic metres .. or about 500 truck loads.. wow, that is a lot of fill!

  2. LaudJohn says:

    Geez I fink a truck of dirt is $1 so that’s like………24 trucks innit ?


    the centre for retarded financial types

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