What does $8 buy where you live ?

This is what comes back when you google "Images of Becks Beer Cans"

Yesterday afternoon after work I was a bit thirsty ( surprise surprise ! ) and with no beer in the house, I got a hankering for my favorite beer San Miguel. There is a Mini Market called Brother Mart in Russian Market with a big cold fridge so I headed over there. Grabbing a basket , I was soon loading 8 tins of San Mig into it, as well as 3 packets of these little things called Num Trey ( literally – fish cakes ). These things are about the size of a small marble and have a red hot chili in the middle of them and they are great with beer. Just as I am about to finish in the fridge, I notice a nice chilled green can of Becks Beer staring out at me and I call the attendant over;

Me; How much are the Becks ?

Him; 2600 riel ( that is 65c for you western dwellers )

Me ; Struth that’s cheap ! How much are the San Miguel ?

Him ; 5300 riel ( that is …er..um….about $1.30 )

Me; Well……in that case…..screw the San Miguel…..gimme 8 Becks.

Then,when I go to the counter I decided to buy Leakhana a fabulously trashy Khmer fashion magazine which would gain me massive brownie points.

Now…back home I am pretty sure a can of Becks at a bottle-o runs to about $3 minimum so that is $24 for the beer. Fashion magasines are at least $8 and the fish cakes would have been about $3 each packet. So by my reckoning….this lot would have cost me around AUD$41

Total bill here in Phnom Penh for the beer, fish cakes and glossy mag ? $8.30 ( or about $10 Aussie ).

Sucks to be you.

Actual image of the $8 haul

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4 Responses to What does $8 buy where you live ?

  1. LaudJohn says:

    Lissa was sick for the first time today.

    Went to a western trained Doctor ..cost $0 .. visiting Gavin Brown a western trained Doctor in PP.. costs $US40 or $A45.

    You saved $A33 I saved $A45 ….

  2. LaudJohn says:

    No it’s called medicare ..our doctor just bulk bills the Government and I actually get something for th huge amount of taxes I pay.

  3. Dave Holliday says:

    Wow I like that cheap cold beer.

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