Gotta get me one of these

Simply Stunning

I am all for non-lethal force and whilst I love guns…this thing is just about perfect for all manner of daily Cambodian occurences including ( but not limted to ) ;

  1. Hushing our rooster at 4a.m
  2. Taking down the yard rats that are busy colonising Ratlandia under our genset
  3. Neutralising the roof cats that terrorise the chooks
  4. Quietening the ever industrious, pesky Vietnamese neighbors
  5. Greeting the owner of the car that has yet again parked across the driveway overnight
  6. Silencing the endless stream of 6am vendors that ply the street with their tell tale rattles and whistles
  7. Correcting the manners of greedy motodops
  8. Correcting the manners of wanker Lexus drivers
  9. Correcting the manners of scooter riding freshy boys and girls
  10. Waking up my Security guard at work
  11. Waking up my admin staff and secretaries at work
  12. Other general ad hoc things that give me the shits……………

I wonder how Cambodian Customs will view it………………..

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